Pre-TECT, an atmospheric experiment organized by the National Observatory of Athens, aiming to advance desert dust characterization from remote sensing measurements and to validate the remote sensing retrievals against surface and airborne in-situ measurements. Finokalia, Crete, Greece, 1-30 April 2017.

ATHLI16 (ATHens Lidar Intercomparison 2016), an intercomparison measurement campaign between the EARLINET EOLE Athens lidar system and the MUSA reference lidar system from Potenza. Athens, 26 September - 8 October 2016.

INTERACT-II (INTERcomparison of Aerosol and Cloud Tracking) measurement campaign at CNR-IMAA to evaluate performances of automated systems for aerosol vertical distribution study. (July - December 2016)

Research program for data validation of CALIPSO satellite. The program started in June 2004.

LELI13 (LEcce Lidar Intercomparison 2013), an intercomparison measurement campaign between the EARLINET Lecce lidar system and the MUSA reference lidar system from Potenza. Lecce, 21-25 October 2013.

NALI13 (NApoli Lidar Intercomparison 2013), an intercomparison measurement campaign between the EARLINET Napoli lidar system and the MUSA reference lidar system from Potenza. Napoli, 14-18 October 2013.

ACTRIS Summer 2012 campaign, aiming to obtain an experimental database with vertical resolution for investigating the aerosol radiative impact over the Mediterranean basin using 3-D model simulations of African dust (8 June - 17 July 2012).

SPALI10 (SPAin Lidar Intercomparison 2010), an intercomparison measurement campaign of the EARLINET lidar systems from Spain and Portugal with the MUSA reference lidar system from Potenza. Madrid, Spain, 18 October – 5 November 2010.

EARLI09 (EArlinet Reference Lidar Intercomparison 2009), an intercomparison measurement campaign involving 11 lidar systems. Leipzig, Germany, 1-30 May 2009.

LUAMI (Lindenberg campaign regarding an Upper-Air Methods Intercomparison), during which, a data assimilation experiment was carried out, with data provided by a network of microwave radiometers, selected among those operational over Europe. Meteorological Observatory Lindenberg/Richard Aßmann Observatory (MOL-RAO). 3-30 November 2008.

COPS (Convective and Orographically-induced Precipitation Study), addressed to the identification of chemical-physical processes responsible of precipitations in mountain regions, not yet accurately represented in meteorological forecast mesoscale models, with the aim to improve their representation. Hornisgrinde, Black Forest Germany. 1 June – 31 August 2007.

LAUNCH2005 (International Lindenberg campaign for assessment of humidity and cloud profiling systems and its impact on high-resolution modelling), addressed to water vapour data assimilation in high resolution weather forecast models, with data provided by a lidar and microwave radiometer ground based network. Lindenberg, Germany, DWD, 29 August – 31 October 2005.

EAQUATE (European AQUA Thermodynamic Experiment), to study cloud and water vapour influence on radiative budget, by comparing measurements obtained simultaneously with ground-based. 5-10 September 2004 (Italian phase).

ICARTT (International Consortium for Atmospheric Research on Transport and Transformation), to study the aerosol transport at large scale, monitoring, in particular, aerosol originating from fires in northern America and transported over northern Europe by atmospheric flows. July – September 2004.

“Strade pulite”, Dipartimento provinciale ARPA Veneto, Padova, Italy, 19-23 April 2004.

Validation measurement program of ENVISAT data (ESA): validation of MIPAS water vapor data using ground based measurements obtained by the groups involved in the Ground Based Measurements and Campaign Dataset (GBMCD). 2 March– 7 May 2004.

Temperature and humidity data validation measurement campaign through ground based lidar technique in the frame of LITE (Lidar In-Space Technology Experiment) NASA mission. 9-20 September 1994.