CIAO is the CNR IMAA Atmospheric Observatory located in Southern Italy close to Apennines mountain and far more than 100 km from the sea. CIAO consists of a combination of advanced systems able to provide high quality long-term observations of aerosol and cloud properties. The CNR-IMAA main mission is to develop and integrate satellite, airborne and ground-based “Earth Observation Technologies” with the objective of studying environmental and geophysical processes. The CIAO observatory is nowadays the largest ground-based remote-sensing station in the Mediterranean Basin and is one of the most relevant atmospheric observatories in Europe.

The CIAO research group is currently involved in many national and international projects as ACTRIS2, ENVRIPLUS, ECARS, GAIA-CLIM, EUNADICS. For more information on CIAO activities

We foresee the opening of new positions as Junior and PostDoc Researcher in the following fields:

  • development of methodologies for optimizing the use of atmospheric aerosols profiling measurements for the assimilation and evaluation of global and regional models
  • integration of ground based and satellite measurements for the mitigation of aerosol-related risks in the aviation sector
  • definition of data managing strategies, quality check procedures, interoperability of atmospheric databases
  • climatological studies of aerosol optical properties
  • analysis of the physical processes related to aerosol transport, their modification and classification;
  • definition of suitable strategies for the satellite CAL/VAL;
  • measurement campaigns organization and participation;
  • integration of ground based remote sensing and near surface measurements for aerosol study
  • integration of lidar and radar observations for giant aerosol and cloud profiling.
  • integration of active and passive observations for water vapour profiling
  • evaluation of mesoscale weather modelling using ground-based observations.
  • temperature and water vapour profiling in the troposphere and stratosphere.

We look for candidates who have either a background in atmospheric aerosol physics or good skills in the management of atmospheric data and databases. Details about each open position will be reported in the specific call and announced on the CIAO web page.

In addition, the Observatory offers the access for Bachelor Thesis and PhD thesis and more in general for exploiting the data with the support of the CIAO staff.

For more information and for receiving updates on the open positions please send an email to dr. Aldo Amodeo  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) specifying “UPDATE CALLS” as object, reporting your contact info and optionally your CV.