The Orion StarShoot Allsky Camera II is operative at CIAO.

The sky camera is a CCD Standard Class - Single Sensor camera, with a MTV-52K9BH Chip Model, 8.4 x 9.8 Pixel Size (in Micrometers) and a and a Pixel Array of 768 x 494.

The sky camera provides a 180° "fisheye" view of the day and night sky.

During daylight hours, the full-color AllSky Camera becomes a real-time window for watching sunrises, sunsets, cloud activity, lightning and other atmospheric phenomena such as aurorae, rainbows, sundogs, crepuscular rays etc.
At night, instead, it provides a live view of the entire starry sky.

The camera saves its images periodically (the current rate is 1 image per minute).

As soon as possible the camera live view will be broadcasted all over the internet.


Contact persons:

Fabio Madonna

Francesco Amato