Request procedure

Requests of a specific service are accepted at any time.  You should download and complete the Service Request Form. It must be returned by email to the CIAO Coordination Office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Evaluation procedure

  • Incoming requests  are verified by the CIAO Coordination Office to confirm the feasibility of the requested services.
  • The CIAO Coordination Office informs the applicants about the acceptance/refusal of the request within four weeks from the request.
  • The CIAO Coordination office will inform the applicants about the foreseen timeline for the provision of the service.


User obligations

Each group leader of the requested service is asked to provide the Service User Report to the CIAO Coordination Office. The documentation will allow justifying the nature and amount of services provided, including records of names, nationalities, and home institution of users as well as a summary of the objectives and achievements.

Any outcome (publications, presentations,…) resulting from the service provided by CIAO should acknowledge the infrastructure as follows: “The authors thank the CIAO Research Infrastructure for the provided service for ..”.

Please read carefully the CIAO Data Policy