Balloon-based observations of temperature, pressure, humidity and winds are performed at CIAO using three different radiosounding systems: the VAISALA AS13 autosonde system and two manual VAISALA radiosouding systems (MW21 and PP15). The automatic radiosounding station is able to perform up to 24 radiosoundings automatically and remotely controlled. Moreover, the system is also scheduled for activating up to two spare radiosoundings in order to prevent any faults in the launch procedure. GPS radar height on balloons is also available for the AS13 and MW21 systems allowing for the retrieval of the vertical profile of wind direction and speed.

MW21 is also able to manage the data received from the ozonesonde digital interface for measurements of the ozone mixing ratio vertical profile up to about 40km a.g.l. All the systems are periodically upgraded and recalibrated by the manufacturer.

Since the beginning of 2010, according to a preliminary protocol established in the frame of GRUAN, CIAO is performing one weekly RS92-SGP launch using the autosonde launcher. Moreover, it is going in the next future to perform a monthly stratospheric water vapour launch, simultaneously to the weekly autosonde launch, using the RDD-100 prototype sondes (

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Contact person: Fabio Madonna