Two GPS antenna/receiver systems are operative at CIAO.



1) A Trimble GPS antenna/receiver station: it is Trimble L1/L2 Dorne Margolin element with chokerings. The GPS system is part of RING (Rete Integrata Nazionale GPS) since January 2009, for geodetic research, and is part of the NOAA GPS-Met  network since June 2011, for meteorological research more related to the main activity of the observatory. Products routinely delivered by NOAA GPS-Met network are the integrated precipitable water (IPW), the Hydrostatic Delay (HD), the Wet Dealy (WD), the zenith total delay (ZTD), and the formal error. All the data can be accessed through the NOAA link reported below.

Data available at: 


 Additional info: Dr. Gianpaolo Cecere, from Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia,

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Contact person: Fabio Madonna



2) A Novatel GPS antenna/receiver station: the SMART6-L Novatel is a high performance GNSS receiver and antenna, capable of receiving and tracking different combinations of GNSS L1/L2 code and carrier signals on a maximum of 120 channels.

SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation Systems) includes WAAS (North America), EGNOS (Europe) and MSAS (Japan).

SBAS support is standard.

Products routinely delivered by this station are the integrated precipitable water vapour (IPWV), the Zenith Hydrostatic Delay (ZHD), the Zenith Wet Dealy (ZWD) and the zenith total delay (ZTD).


Contact person: Fabio Madonna